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Woodwool Natural Coarse (100g)

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Course wood wool, also known as wood excelsior, is a versatile packaging material with various applications due to its cushioning, protective, and eco-friendly properties. Here are some common uses of coarse wood wool in packaging:

  1. Fragile Item Protection: Wood wool excelsior is an excellent choice for cushioning delicate and fragile items such as glassware, ceramics, and electronics during shipping. Its shock-absorbing properties help prevent damage during transit.

  2. Gift Packaging: Coarse wood wool adds a rustic and natural touch to gift packaging. It can be used to nestle gifts in boxes, creating an aesthetically pleasing and protective presentation for various occasions.

  3. Filler for Gift Hampers: When assembling gift hampers or baskets, wood wool can be used to fill empty spaces, providing support to the items within while enhancing the overall presentation.

  4. Eco-Friendly Filler: Wood wool is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, making it a sustainable alternative to synthetic packaging materials like plastic or foam peanuts.

  5. Decorative Packaging: Beyond protection, wood wool can be used as a decorative element within packaging, enhancing the visual appeal and creating a unique unboxing experience.

  6. Void Filling: Coarse wood wool can be used to fill voids in boxes, preventing items from shifting during transportation and reducing the risk of damage.

  7. Nesting Fragrances and Cosmetics: For businesses in the fragrance and cosmetics industry, wood wool can be used to nestle perfumes, lotions, and other products securely within their packaging.

  8. Floral Arrangement Support: Wood wool is also utilized in the floral industry to provide a stable base for arranging flowers and plants in gift boxes or bouquets.

  9. Food and Beverage Packaging: In the gourmet food industry, wood wool can be used to protect and cushion perishable items like fruits, ensuring they arrive in optimal condition.

  10. Craft Supplies Packaging: Art and craft supplies that require protection during shipping, such as pottery or art materials, can benefit from wood wool's cushioning properties.

  11. Wine Bottle Packaging: Wood wool can be used to cradle wine bottles within boxes, preventing breakage and ensuring safe transportation.

  12. Eco-Friendly Displays: Coarse wood wool can also be used in retail displays to showcase products in a natural and environmentally conscious manner.

    Woodwool Natural Coarse (100g) - Happy Box
    Woodwool Natural Coarse (100g) - Happy Box
    Woodwool Natural Coarse (100g) - Happy Box
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    Absolutely Love the boxes and the client service was exceptional!!!
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    Amazing service, I got next day delivery and extra treats in my package. Thank you so much Happy Box! I’ll definitely be back :)

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    Incredibly helpful and customer service orientated. Lovely product as well. I will definitely order again.


    I am so grateful to have come across Happy Box before my Anniversary , Jarryd was so very helpful- and he send me extra goods as an happy anniversary gift. I am just so shocked that such nice people and helpful companies exist:)

    Nakita R

    Very fast delivery, super amazing product! Thanks so much