Who and Why Happy Box? - Happy Box

Who and Why Happy Box?

Happy Box was born in the year 2020, a family run business with only one goal in mind - changing the special occasions game with one DIY number box at a time!

Happy Box Numbers were instantly being used in parties, anniversaries and events all over South Africa and we decided to take it to the next level! Happy Box Shapes were designed, created and assembled in multiples shapes - Hearts, Christmas tree and a Crescent Moon and Star and more! 

Our DIY, Eco-friendly and reusable boxes are manufactured locally in Cape Town, assembled and packaged with love and distributed all over South Africa with our amazing team of Stockists and Resellers. We were Happier than ever!

But then we sat back and thought to ourselves, is this Happy Box? How do we add more elements of happiness and excitement?

We then realised, it is our responsibility to make each and every box a Happy Box! 

Rolling out an amazing selection of Box Fillers available in 16 different colours and 4 different styles to ensure the safety of your products inside the box during transit and fulfilment as well as a beautiful base layer for your boxes, a range of Tissue papers available in multiple colours, Tapes, Stickers and even Twines and ribbons - all the ingredients to make your box a Happy one! 

Happy Box is more than just the box, more than just the box fillers and accessories - Happy Box is a feeling of excitement, unity and celebration of love, life and togetherness.